What Is An ESA Pet?

There may come a day when you need an emotional support animal or someone you know may require one. This is why it’s helpful to know what they are, the benefits they offer and where to get one. This article will cover those things, as well as provide you with other useful information.

1. What Is An Emotional Support Animal- It’s an animal that provides companionship to someone who is disabled, whether it’s mentally disabled or if they have a psychiatric disability. The animal is not a pet and the person who receives the animal usually needs to have a disability that is verifiable. The animal is usually a dog, but sometimes cats are given as emotional support animals and other animals can sometimes be considered emotional support animals.

2. Benefits Of Having One- There are many benefits of having an emotional support animal. One of the key benefits is they can keep you calm if you normally get anxious. Going in public places can be intense for some people, but having their animal for support can make them feel more at ease. It makes doing errands and daily life much easier.

An animal can relieve a person from loneliness and it forces the person to take care of the animal. When a person knows an animal is depending on them, then it gives the person a sense of independence. Being lonely can lead to depression, which is why getting an emotional support dog is beneficial.

Not only do the animals help people feel less lonely and keep calm, but they can reduce stress. They can play a role in lowering blood pressure levels and cholesterol levels. This alone is a major benefit because high cholesterol levels and high blood pressure can potentially be life threatening.

Having an emotional support animal can increase a person’s activity, both physically and mentally. Furthermore, the animal can improve a person’s mental health. This is one of the main reasons people get and rely on their animal for emotional support.

Some animals can help people recover quicker from certain illnesses and injuries. Another benefit is you will always have someone who loves you no matter what. This can do wonders for a person’s self-esteem and confidence.

Those are only a few of the many benefits of owning an emotional support animal. Other benefits include having more confidence to do things, go places and to become more social. Another benefit is having a friend who is always by your side and it can improve a person’s fitness levels, due to being more active.